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  • Are AHLERI's products competition legal?
    All of our products are competition legal according to the FEI's and USEF's current substance guidelines for natural products used topically. However, you may want to check with your own country's governing body specifically before using our products in sport, as rules can vary between organizations.
  • Is there science behind your products?
    Yes! We often perform double-blind experiments ourselves with our products, but we rely far more heavily on third-party research published in reputable equine and veterinary journals. The research behind each product is listed on the product's page.
  • Are your products cruelty-free?
    Yes, absolutely! We test all products on people first, which ensures safety for people as well as animals. Next, we test the products on a small area of our personal horses to ensure that no reaction occurs. Then, we test the product as intended on our personal horses, and monitor closely. We do not test our products in testing labs or test outside of their intended purpose.
  • Are your products plant-based and vegan?
    Yes! Our products contain no animal- or animal-derived products ever.
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