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Brand Ambassadors & Sponsored Riders

Do you love our products? Are you an avid equestrian or horse-based business owner? Would you like to work with us to promote our products to others? Becoming a Brand Ambassador or Sponsored Rider may be what you're looking for!

What is a Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador has tried our products and is passionate about them! Maybe you're a rider, a barn owner, a veterinarian, a farrier, or a bodyworker--whatever you do with horses, you've discovered your love for our products and you're interested in working with us to promote them to others!

Brand Ambassadors get to choose a product from our catalog every three months in exchange for promoting the product to their friends, clients, and followers using your own unique discount code. Ambassadors can even use their own discount code to get a discount on our products for themselves!

What is a Sponsored Rider?

A sponsored rider has tried our products on their own horse(s) and wants to get involved with the AHLERI Team! Sponsored Riders typically compete regularly in any discipline and are excited to promote AHLERI products at shows, rodeos, and competitions, as well as on their social media platforms.

The specific details of a Sponsored Rider's contract may differ, but Sponsored Riders receive free products, including Sponsored Rider-exclusive hats, iron-on patches, and/or saddle pads, as well as their own discount code that they can share with their followers and fellow show-goers!


Sponsored Rider/Brand Ambassador Application

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