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Muzzle Butter

AHLERI is home of the original Muzzle Butter, a revolutionary fly repellant product line for trail and sport horses alike. 

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Image by Gene Devine
5 Incredible Features


Science-Backed: With ingredients that are proven to repel flies, midges, mosquitos, gnats, and other annoying bugs


Non-Invasive: Muzzle Butter: Repel applies safely to the nose, under the eyes, and on top of the ears, so you never have to worry.


All-Natural: Made with only 10 natural, plant-based ingredients and essential oils, and is cruelty-free and eco-friendly!


Eco-Friendly: Made with a wonderful, proven formula of EPA non-toxic essential oils, Muzzle Butter: Repel is  environmentally-friendly.


Use Alongside At-Ease: Repel can be used alongside our calming product, Muzzle Butter: At-Ease!

Image by Vladimir Vujeva

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