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Mastering Equine Tranquility: Expert Tips on How to Get a Horse to Relax Undersaddle


Is your horse anxious, nervous, spooky, and giraffe-like for your rides? In the equestrian world, achieving relaxation in your horse is not just a luxury but a necessity for a harmonious ride. Whether you're aiming for a stress-free training session or preparing for a competition, understanding how to encourage your equine partner to relax is essential. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore effective techniques and expert tips on how to get a horse to relax, setting the stage for a rewarding riding experience.

Horse rearing up

1. Warm-Up on a Loose Rein

Starting your ride with a relaxed warm-up sets the tone for the entire session. Begin at the walk, allowing your horse to stretch his legs and settle into the rhythm of movement. As your horse becomes accustomed to this relaxed atmosphere, gradually transition to the trot and canter while maintaining a loose rein. Riding with slack in the reins communicates to your horse that you trust him and alleviates any tension he may feel. This simple yet powerful gesture can significantly contribute to your horse's relaxation and overall well-being.

2. Incorporate Shoulder-Fore Exercises

Shoulder-fore exercises are invaluable tools for promoting relaxation and suppleness in your horse. Unlike shoulder-in, which requires more bend, shoulder-fore focuses on straightness and alignment. Begin by executing shoulder-fore on the long sides of the arena at all three gaits. Encourage your horse to engage his core muscles and maintain a steady rhythm throughout the exercise. Be sure to switch directions regularly to address both sides evenly and incorporate leg yields for additional flexibility. By incorporating shoulder-fore into your warm-up routine, you'll encourage relaxation while improving your horse's balance and coordination.

3. Harness the Power of Muzzle Butter: At-Ease Horse Scent Stick

For horses who need an extra dose of relaxation, Muzzle Butter: At-Ease horse scent stick can work wonders. This natural calming aid harnesses the soothing effects of essential oils to promote a sense of calm and well-being in your equine companion. Apply the scent stick to your horse's nose after grooming and before tacking up to allow ample time for the calming effects to take hold. The gentle aroma will help your horse relax and focus, setting the stage for a productive and stress-free ride. With regular use, you'll notice a significant improvement in your horse's demeanor and overall performance.

Horses with very deep-rooted anxiety, or very large horses, or horses who get very easily distracted, may benefit from the Max. Strength formula over the original formula.

Other Ideas On How to Get a Horse to Relax:

Looking to do everything you can for your horse? Make sure that his comfort is your priority. Now, of course, we all love horses, but the reality is that they have no words to tell us if they are feeling uncomfortable. Check your saddle with a well-reviewed saddle-fitter, make sure your farrier is doing right by your horse's feet, and get your horse adjusted by the chiropractor and bodyworker regularly.


In the pursuit of equine relaxation, consistency and patience are key. By incorporating these expert tips into your riding routine, you'll create a nurturing environment that fosters relaxation and trust in your horse. Whether you're warming up on a loose rein, practicing shoulder-fore exercises, or using natural calming aids, remember to prioritize your horse's well-being above all else. With dedication and understanding, you'll forge a deeper connection with your equine partner and unlock the true potential of your riding partnership. Embrace the journey of relaxation, and watch as your horse thrives in a state of tranquility and harmony.

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