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Why AHLERI Equine Products is Proudly Cruelty-Free

A Commitment to Zero-Cruelty

Buckskin horse being led

At AHLERI Equine Products, our guiding principle is simple: if we are a brand dedicated to the well-being of animals, why would we not be cruelty-free? This question drives our code of ethics, ensuring that every product we develop is made with the utmost care and respect for the animals we love. Here’s what it means to be a zero-cruelty brand and how we implement this commitment at every stage of our product development.

Plant-Based Ingredients

Ensuring No Cruelty in Production

We use only plant-based, cruelty-free ingredients for our products! This means that all of our ingredients either came from a plant or were synthetically manufactured--no animal products. Our ingredients are also cruelty-free themselves.

Testing on People First

Safety for Humans Equals Safety for Horses

Our first step in product testing is straightforward—if it’s not safe for us, it’s not safe for our horses. We believe that handling equine products should pose no risk to humans. Therefore, every new formula is rigorously tested on ourselves first. This approach is rooted in two fundamental reasons:

  1. Handler Safety: If we handle the products, they should be safe to handle--period.

  2. Informed Consent: Horses cannot consent to having products applied to them, so it’s our duty to ensure their safety through our own experiences first.

Cruelty-Free Testing on Our Own Animals

Love and Care in Every Test

Unlike many companies, we do not outsource our testing to external labs, nor do we maintain animals solely for testing purposes. Our products are tested on our own beloved horses. This ensures a high level of care and attention throughout the testing process. If our horses do not respond positively to a product, it doesn’t make it to market. This personal investment guarantees that our products are both safe and enjoyable for all horses.

Testing Only as Intended

Sensible and Sensitive Application

We understand the importance of applying products correctly and safely. Our testing process is designed to reflect real-world use:

  1. Initial Test: We start by applying the product to a small, non-sensitive area (typically the flank). This initial test helps us identify any immediate adverse reactions.

  2. Intended Use: If the initial test is successful, we proceed to use the product as intended. We never place products in areas where they don’t belong. For example, Muzzle Butter is only used on muzzles—not in eyes, noses, or mouths.

This methodical approach ensures that our products are both safe and effective when used as directed.

The Path to Full Production

From Loved Ones to Market

After a product has passed our internal tests and meets our standards, we move to the next stage: family and friends. We offer our products to them, asking if their horses would like to try them out. This step provides us with additional feedback and ensures a broader range of testing environments. If the product is well-received and gains approval from this trusted group, we move it to full production.


At AHLERI Equine Products, being cruelty-free is more than a policy; it’s a promise to our customers and their horses. We are dedicated to ensuring that every product is safe, effective, and made with the utmost respect for the animals we serve. By testing on ourselves first, using our own horses, and adhering strictly to intended use, we uphold our zero-cruelty commitment. This is why you can trust AHLERI Equine Products to care for your horse as much as we care for ours.

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